Tag: Beautiful Person

1. Thank the person who tagged you
Maud from Beauty Before Breakfast tagged me with a Beauiful Person award. Thank you! The tag is actually Dutch, but because I have a lot of international readers I decided to write it in English.

2. Answer the 5 following questions

1. Which characteristics do you like in yourself?
I'm creative, curious, helpful, openminded and I try to be nice to everyone.

2. What are your dreams?
I'd love to travel the world, graduate from International Lifestyle Studies, to have fun in my job and to grow happy and old with the persons I love.

3. Which people mean the most to you?
My family and defenitely my friends. Oh and my dog.

4. What are you good at?
Ehm, that's a bit like question 1. But I'm good at the writing too.

5. What makes you happy?
Dancing!, painting my nails (that's a surprise right?), people that are motivated and do what they're asked to and that work to finish their goals. My friends, animals, going out, music!!, blogging and ofcourse you, my readers!

3. Tag as many Beautiful Persons you know.
Well that would take me a bit too long. So I'll just tag a couple nice blogs that catch my attention at the moment.
Getcha nails did
Nail addicts anonymous
Cherry colors
Spooky nails
Chloe's nails

Finally, weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for the tag! :) I'll try and remember to include it in my next blog post.

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