These nails instantly made me think of a mermaid's tail. I love how they look different shades of green and blue when the light hits them. 

I used the white/clear hexagon glitters in the back of this set from Born Pretty Store. A little goes a long way if you don't throw them all on the floor like I did. I did have a nice and glittery floor after that :)

I tried some different combinations on a nail wheel but as you can see it's important to push all the glitters into the nail polish otherwise they're going to stand out or fall off.

I used MAX nail polish in grey, which is sold at the dutch store Action. As you can see the clear hexagons look green and blue over grey nail polish. 

1. Polish your nails and let them dry. 
2. Apply a top coat on only one nail at a time
3. Dip your nail in the glitter pot or throw the glitters onto your nail.
4. Push the glitters into the top coat
5. Apply a top coat

I really love how it turned out! The set of glitters costs $9,42 and the nail wheel costs $1,49 on Born Pretty Store. I also have a 10% off coupon for you when you enter YNTW10 in the check-out.


Hi! Today I have some Spring shoe inspiration for you. I really love Dr. Martens, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, flower prints, animal prints, black high heels and sandals so there's a mix of these in today's inspiration post.

1 2 3 | 4 5 6 | 7 8 9 | 10 11 12 | 13 14 15

    The links to the shoes are all above. I'd love to get number 2, 5 and 11. Which ones do you like?


Unique sceneries, a culture full of passion and pure love for life. The samba, carnaval and soccer, that’s Brazil. This Limited Edition “Carnival of Colours” by CATRICE will warm the hearts of the Brazil fans. This LE will be in store from half june to july 2014.

Baked trio eyeshadow 
in C01 Rhythm Of The World, C02 International Anthem en C03 Flag Attack. € 3,89

Ultimate colour lip glosses that look a lot like the ones from Hourglass 
in C01 Burning Down The Arena, C02 When I Say Li, You Say Lac…, C03 Go Yellow, Go! en C04 Feel The SpiRED. € 2,99

Ultimate Nail Lacquer  
in C01 Team Blue, C02 Viva Brasil, C03 Burning Down The Arena, C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac…, C05 Go Yellow, Go!, C06 Feel the SpiRED en C07 Black For Gold. € 2,99

Cat eyes eyeliner per
in C01 Black For Gold. € 3,59

Beauty bag
€ 3,59

The colours of this Limited Edition aren't too special, but it's nice if you're searching for basic nail polish colours. I do really like the beauty bag and I'm interested to see how the lip glosses turn out.

What do you think?


I really like to pick the fashion trends that fit my style. I like things that are feminine, but with an edgy and rock-ish twist. One of the trends that really suits this is the cut-out trend. I selected some examples that I put into a moodboard to show what options you can go for.

As you can see there are a lot of different examples with cut-outs in different spots. 

Somethimes cut-outs can be too showing, but I think it's nice for a party or a night of going out. A good example is this cut-out dress from Dressale that's now sold for 70% off!

This is a super sweet dress with a nice triangle cut-out. This would be great for a wedding party or even a festival. 

This is a more subtle cut-out that's also appropriate for work.

Would you like to win a Dressale item and get a guaranteed $5 off coupon? Like their Facebook page, register an account on their website and post   on their Facebook page to win. 

How would you wear this trend?