Hi and welcome! I am Renée, the writer of this blog. I'm a 21 year old girl living in the Netherlands. I study International Lifestyle Studies which is about trend watching and concept development. I have a passion for beauty and that's exactly what you'll find on here. Next to that you'll find some other posts about fashion or personal interests. Next to blogging here, I am a beauty journalist so I also write for some other websites and magazines like Girlscene, Beauty and the, Good2b, Beautyspot and Viva magazine.

How it all started
It might surprise you, but I used to bite my nails! I'd been wanting to stop for such a long time, but I just couldn't. One day I thought: it's enough! So every time I finished a month without biting, I would reward myself with a bottle of nail polish. And then the addiction began.

I started a nail polish blog in 2010 just because I wanted to write about my interests. Now, 4 years later my blog gets about 50.000 unique visitors per month and has grown into a full international blog with a lot of lovely readers that I communicate with all around the world. My nail polish collection is still growing as well, but I have to say I stopped counting at 300 bottles. Oops!


As a blogger I love to know about the latest beauty news as soon as possible, so I'm glad to receive PR messages. I accept products or samples and I will always review them. Receiving products doesn't influence my review at all, so I will always give my honest opinion. I also accept give-away sponsoring, discount codes for my readers and I'm willing to put up banners, for discussing this, you can contact me. 

Everything on this blog is made by myself and bought by myself, unless stated otherwise. That's why no one is allowed to copy anything from my site without my permission. I really like to hear what I can change or add, so if you have any remarks on my work or if you have anything else you'd like to tell me just contact me.