Unique sceneries, a culture full of passion and pure love for life. The samba, carnaval and soccer, that’s Brazil. This Limited Edition “Carnival of Colours” by CATRICE will warm the hearts of the Brazil fans. This LE will be in store from half june to july 2014.

Baked trio eyeshadow 
in C01 Rhythm Of The World, C02 International Anthem en C03 Flag Attack. € 3,89

Ultimate colour lip glosses that look a lot like the ones from Hourglass 
in C01 Burning Down The Arena, C02 When I Say Li, You Say Lac…, C03 Go Yellow, Go! en C04 Feel The SpiRED. € 2,99

Ultimate Nail Lacquer  
in C01 Team Blue, C02 Viva Brasil, C03 Burning Down The Arena, C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac…, C05 Go Yellow, Go!, C06 Feel the SpiRED en C07 Black For Gold. € 2,99

Cat eyes eyeliner per
in C01 Black For Gold. € 3,59

Beauty bag
€ 3,59

The colours of this Limited Edition aren't too special, but it's nice if you're searching for basic nail polish colours. I do really like the beauty bag and I'm interested to see how the lip glosses turn out.

What do you think?

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