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"I'll sleep when I'm dead." People always say this and I could understand why. School, work, family and a social life take so much of our time that the seemingly mundane act of sleeping just doesn't make it on our to-do list. We spend too much on expensive beauty products when really, the most effective and natural skin care treatment doesn't cost anything at all. And not only is it free, but you can start the regimen as soon as tonight. Yes, you can sleep your way to a better and more beautiful skin. When we sleep, our body goes into repair mode. We wake up feeling refreshed and gorgeous not just because our skin renews itself - old cells get replaced by new ones as we sleep, but also, many skin care products we use tend to work best when we're at rest. A good 7 to 8-hour sleep will also help improve memory, enhance metabolism, boost immune system, and reduce stress levels.

Want a healthy glow in the morning? I hope the following tips on getting a good night's rest help.

- Make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing - cozy bed, pillows and comforter; lower temperatures; closed curtains.
- Sleep with comfy clothing.
- Wear socks to bed.
- Take a nice bath.
- Drink a nice glass of warm milk.
- Snack if you must but keep it light.
- Stay away from stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.
- Read a good book.
- Ignore your clock, phone, tablet.
- Listen to relaxation CDs.
- Go to bed as early as you can.
- Try to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.
- Exercise regularly and eat healthy.
- Meditate.
- Go to the bathroom before you sleep.
Are you getting enough beauty sleep? I know how difficult it is to squeeze in some shuteye when you're really busy but remember, it's good for you and definitely worth making time for.

This article is written by one of my readers; Hannah. Thank you Hannah!
Hannah is a frugal living enthusiast, a lipstick addict, and mom to 5 cute furry babies. She runs a website dedicated to offering free health insurance resources.

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