Sammydress brushes & make-up

Isn't this the prettiest brush? I love the clear handle! 
I was browsing on Sammydress looking for a contour brush that was similar to the well known NARS flat bronzer brush that everybody is raving about on youtube. This one came close.

The brush comes in a set with some other ones. Ofcourse they're not real Dior brushes, but it's a handy case.

Next to the bronzer brush, there's a small lip pencil, a short and flat eyeshadow brush. a foundation brush and a powder brush. The brushes do lose some hair while applying make-up, but that's no problem for me considering the price. I especially like the bronzer brush and the other ones are okay for when you run out of clean brushes. Of course they're not comparable to brands like MAC or Zoeva,  but they're nice if you want to try out brushes for the first time.

I also bought this eyeshadow palette for €2,98 which is super cheap. The colours are super super soft, well pigmented and blend very well. Because of how soft they are they do have a lot of fall-out, but that's a matter of tapping off your brush before applying the eyeshadow.

As you can see there are some nice shimmery colours and there's a variation from light to dark. There are also some matte and neutral colours in it which I like even better.

You can buy the brush set for €4,68 and the eyeshadow palette for €2,98 at Sammydress.

Disclaimer: the products used in the review were provided to me by the company.

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