CH gel polish

Gel polish is popping up everywhere. From high end to high street, more and more brands have released gel polish. I really like it because it makes your nails a lot harder which means that they can grow longer and stronger and that gives you more wear out of your polishes.

I tried two gel polishes from CH nail which is sold at Born Pretty Store. I chose the top coat and a bright watermelon colour.

This is number 019. In real life the colour is even brighter. It's quite thick, but that's normal for a gel polish.

Here I used the gel top coat over a normal catrice nail polish called Pebble Beach.

I have to say I'm a big fan of gel nail polish, but sadly this one doesn't stay on as long as other ones I'm used to. It stays on without chipping for about 4 days, which is still a lot for a normal polish, so it's good if you want to try a gel polish that isn't too expensive.

The top coat costs $8,60 and the watermelon colour costs $7,06. They're both sold at Born Pretty Store.

When you enter the code YNTW10 you get 10% off at Born Pretty Store! 

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