How to: fix broken powder

What I look for in a bronzer is for it to be matte and to fit my skin tone. For a pale girl like me the last part isn't too easy. Luckily I found a pretty good one at Sephora which you can see below. Actually it's a mattifying compact pressed powder that I got a hundred skin tones too dark, in number 56 mahogany to be specific, and it's awesome. The best part? It smells like chocolate. Yes ladies, let me just repeat that: it smells like chocolate! Since Sephora left the Netherlands it's not that easy anymore to get my hands on this bronzer. I can't even find it online anymore, so you can imagine I wasn't too happy when I found this baby all broken in my beauty case. Luckily there was a way to fix it. After posting this picture on instagram I received some questions about how I fixed it so here it is!

What you need
- Broken compact powder, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow etc.
- Alcohol, the pure version, not the beverage! :) You can buy it at any drugstore, for example in the Netherlands you can get it at Etos or Kruidvat.
- A knife

What to do
1. Get your broken powder and break it a little more with a knife.
2. Pour in the pure alcohol.
3. Mix the powder and the alcohol with a knife.
4. Spread it out with a knife until it's a smooth surface. Mine looked - and even smelled - like chocolate mousse.
5. Let it sit for a night until it's dry.
6. There you have it, your fixed powder like it's brand new!

I hope your sad and broken make-up back home will get a second chance!

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