The magic dr. Bronner

All of my US followers probably already know this brand but a lot of other don't. This is a really nice brand with a story.

A piece of history
A while ago I was at a cosmetics fair where I spoke to a very enthousiastic guy who's the fifth generation of the soap making Bronner family. He was that excited that he instantly gave me some products to test and told me his family history.

Born in 1908 in Germany, Emanuel Bronner was the third generation of the family of soap makers and a far family member of the guy I spoke to. The Bronnr family has been making soap since 1858 and was the first ever to create the wellknown piece of soap that's still in our sinks today. A couple years later the world war II struck and he fled to the US. Unfortunately his family stayed behind and passed because of the war. Emanuel continued the business in the US. In 1997 he died, but this family kept on working for the brand.
The products are fair trade and not tested on animals. The containers are made of 100% recycled materials, the ingredients are 100% organic and the products have received a list of good labels. Emanuel Bronner even attached that much importance to being fair that he always travelled business class when he needed to fly. A little detail: he was almost 2 meters long!

Magic Soaps
After this history class I'll quickly go over to the products. First up are the Pure-Castile Soaps. A nice details is that the story of Dr. Bronner is on the containers and so are his quotes. The soap is made of pure castile soap which is a fully natural and ecological soap that doesn't contain any animal fats. Most soaps do. Ew.

The cleaning ingredient is not a bad cleaner like SLS, but it's saponified coconut. We all know how nourishing coconut oil is. Then it only contains other good stuff like oils and vitamins. There are no synthetical thickeners in it so the soap is a little more fluid than you're used to.

We've all seen the 3-in-1 products but 18-in1?! Because of the pure ingredients it's possible. Together with his fans Dr. Bronner made up a list of uses for the soap.
1. Shaving. 1 part of soap and 2 parts of water. It's a little slippery but it works!
2. Shampoo. Wash your hair like usual. It works really well but it makes your hair less smooth because it contains no silicones and other synthetical softeners. Just use a conditioner and it's solved.
3. Brushing your teeth. Yes really, it's possible. I played safe and went for the peppermint version. It foams even more than normal toothpaste and is better for your body and the environment. Just look up what's in your toothpaste. No thank you. It does taste a bit off but still like peppermint. My teeth felt really clean afterwards.
4. Showergel. It works! But that's no surprise. 
5. Hot towel massage. Add 3 drops of soap to a hot towel. Put it on your face and massage it.
6. Bath. A couple of drops make you foam away! !
7. Deodorant. I was a little sceptical about this one. Soap as a deodorant? Add 2 ml to a spray bottle of about 125 ml water and add Himalaya salt. I didn't try this one but it might just work.
8. Mouth freshener. Use your home made deodorant from above to keep a fresh breath. Just to make sure; don't use a regular deodorant! 
9. Mouth wash. Add 2 drops to a glass of water.
10. Baby washgel. This is a mild soap so baby skin can handle it. There's also a version without perfume.
11. After-shave. Use your deodorant/mouth wash as an after-shave to get rid of the ichy feeling you get after shaving. The men around me didn't buy it so I should try it on my own legs.
12. Hand soap. Need to explain?
13. Washing your clothes. Use a fourth of a cup and add it to your washing machine.
14. Foot bath. Add a spoonful of soap to some hot water and start soaking. The peppermint and tea-tree versions work refreshing and healing. 
15. Animal wash gel. I can't imagine my dog to like the smell of peppermint so I didn't try this one. Considering the ingredients this is possible with another scent.
16. Fruit and vegetable wash. Even your food gets the dr. Bronner treatment! De soap removes the bacteria from your food. Again I wouldn't choose the peppermint version but the baby version without perfume oils.
17. Plant and garden spray. 1 teaspoon of soap added to a litre of water makes sure the bugs will stay away from your food garden.
18. Multi-cleaner in house. Scrubbing floors won't be boring anymore! Using lavender or almond will be nice for a fresh or ginger bread smell in your house.
19. Make-up brush cleaner! I came up with a number 19 myself. I think this stuff is awesome as a brush cleaner because of the soft cleaners and the oils in it. I usually use a baby shampoo which also does the job, but this is even better and less harsh.

If we have to believe Dr. Bronner and his fans we don't need anything else anymore. As far as I could test them, all of the 19 uses do the job. I really like the peppermint scent and it's perfect for me as an anti-morning person. It's nice to wake up with in the shower because it's fresh and tingly because of the peppermint oil. And when you're in the shower don't hesitate and start multi-tasking! Give your hair, body, teeth and shower curtain a quick wash too! One thing: don't use it too much because then the scent will make you nauseous after a while.
This 236 ml bottle costs €9 which is decent for a magic multi-tasker. The smallest 59 ml bottle costs €3. The biggest 994 ml bottle costs €19,95. 
I adore the enthusiasm of the Dr. Bronner family and I really like their products and their story. I will show you the other products later which I really like too.

Depending on where you live you can buy it in stores (US and Asia) and almost anywhere in the world on the internet. Just google it!

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