Up to the test: Skin 79 BB cream

In the Netherlands too, it's impossible to miss these little wonder cremes. Big brands are constantly producing them and the smaller brands and drugstore brands are also releasing their versions.

What is BB Cream? 
You probably already know but I'll give a short explanation. The words Renée and short don't really match (exept for my height!) but I'll try. In 1960, the German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek discovered a formula for a creme to protect her patients' skin after surgery. Around 1985 Korean actrices and celebrities started using the BB creams. They were seen as their beauty secret and that resulted in a huge BB cream hype. It did take 52 years for it to come to Europe though.

Skin 79 I chose Skin 79 because I have a very light skin tone. The western creams are way to orange for me and a lot of Asian ones are too gray. I've read a lot of good reviews on the Super Plus Triple Functions one from Skin 79. It has a pink undertone so that's perfect for me.

Skin 79 is made by Cosmax Inc which has an Ecocert label. Which means that 95% of the ingredients are natural and 10% is organic. I ordered a 40 ml bottle but I got three 15 ml bottles which is more and easier to hold. I like how the BB cream comes in a bottle instead of a jar because it takes less preservatives to keep it how it needs to be.

Really Ecocert? 
The list of ingredients is huge! I was kind of sceptical about how natural this BB cream is despite of the Ecocert label. Is it green washing? I looked up all the ingredients and I spot a lot of plant and herb extracts. It also contains a lot of natural solvents and colouring, softening -and mattifying substances.

ParabensDespite of the fact that the BB cream is in a bottle with a pump there are a couple of parabens in it. Methylparaben and propylbaraben to be exact. This is a cheap preservative of which is said that it carcinogenic, stays in your blood stream for 5 days and can arouse allergic reactions. Both parabens come from fruit, but these parabens are synthetically manufactured so it's still not that natural.

These parabens are at the bottom of the ingredient list so they can barely do any harm, but I still don't like having this on my skin. There are a lot of natural substitutes that can be used so there's no need for parabens. Ecocert claims to not approve of parabens to be in their products so I put on my inspector Gadget glasses and emailed Skin 79 and Ecocert. Apparently Ecocert does work with Skin 79 but thelabel isn't on their BB creams. That wasn't clearly told on their website at all so that is a little misleading. Still most of the ingredients  in the BB cream are natural.

The BB cream spreads out nicely and isn't too thick. It makes my skin look very opaque and decreases redness. As you can see my small birthmarks are covered but the really dark ones aren't. This is good for me because I don't want to have a pancake look. You can easily build opacity in layers if you want to though.

Here you can see my skin before applying the BB cream. It is quite red as you can see but it's covered after applying. Sadly enough, this BB cream is for a normal to greasy skin and my skin is very dry so I really need to apply a thick and moisturizing cream before wearing this one. When you have greasy skin I can recommend you to use some (mineral) powder afterwards but when your skin is dry please don't. It'll only accentuate the dryness..

I apply the BB cream with my Zoeva buffing brush because it decreases the barbie look Zelf breng ik de BB cream aan met een buffer kwast van Zoeva, klik hier voor mijn review.

If you have a greasy and light skin with a pink undertone this BB cream is the one for you! It costs €20,49 for 40 ml which isn't much if you ask me! The Dutchies kan buy it here. You can also buy it on ebay.

What's your favourite BB cream?

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