Neon, nails and festivals

I'm ashamed to count the days it's been since you've seen my nails on here. I don't really do the name You Nailed It! justice anymore :) So I thought I had to show this picture to you guys. I was volunteering at a festival when a photographer took a picture of me clicking my solar charger in my iPhone. Haha how sustainable?

I'm wearing a polish called #437 from the brand 'Yes Love' I bought in Salou, Spain. The neon colour attracted me so much but I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was super bad quality since it was in a basket with other polishes in a cheap tourist store. I'm glad I did! And it seriously covers in 1 coat! Oh yes, a one coater for €2!

This is a picture I found on Google. I had never seen the brand before but it seems they have some awesome colours. It seems they also sell it in the US, so any of you who know the brand?

I think I'm getting a festival addiction.
The ones I've been to or will go to this summer: Majestic, Jazz, Lakedance, Dunya, Amsterdam Roots, Mundial and 3 days of Solar.
Some "Instafestival" pictures. I know, I instagramize everything. And yes that's a verb!

Me and my friends at festival Majestic

Boyce Avenue playing at festival Parkpop

My arm at festival Mundial

Me and my friends at festival Lakedance

The stage at Lakedance
For more me on instagram you can follow me @reneequekel

Thanks for reading!


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