Essence Colour Arts LE

This september Essence gives you the chance to start DIYíng with a Essence Colour Arts LE. Basically: a lot of pigments and bases. how much fun? 

 Colour Arts Pigments EUR 2,49  nr 02, 04, 06

nr 07, 09, 10

nr 11, 12, 14

nr 16, 18, 19

nr 20, 03
Noticed anything strange? I'm missing a lot of numbers so my guess: I think they're coming in a core collection with more colours to choose from!
Colour arts eye base EUR 1,79 to use for the eye pigments.

Colour arts lip base EUR 1,79. Just use the pigments for your lips too! 

Colour arts nail base EUR 1,59. The best idea ever Essence! You can mix any pigment you like in this nail base. 

Colour arts multi tasker EUR 1,29. a sponge applicator for the pigments.

Colour arts mixing jars EUR 1,29. Transparent mixing jars.

How fun is this?

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