Catrice Cucuba LE

A new and stunning limited edition from Catrice is coming half August. This collection is perfect for you if you're still enjoying our vacation our thinking about the great times you had. Starring colour of Cuban cigars and 50's Chevrolets is this Cucuba collection. Let's have a look!

Loose eye shadow EUR 2,99 in Sunny Side, Reggaeton, Salsa Cubana, Havana drum & Take it mint
I'm totally getting to know all the eyeshadow and everything else eye related rather than simple black mascara and black eyeliner so there's a world opening for me. I'm defenitely taking a look at take it mint! 
Soft lip colour EUR 3,99 in Salsa Cubana & Be all smiles
They really look soft and moisturizing but you never know. Salsa Cubana looks nice!

Bronzing powder EUR 4,49 in BrownOriginal name Catrice! haha. Simple bronzing powder which might be a good catch if you don't have one yet. 
Liquid shimmer eye liner EUR 3,99 in Take it mint & Reggaeton
I'm all about mint lately so I want the mint eyeliner too!

Ultimate nail lacquer EUR 2,49 in Sunny side, Reggaeton, Salsa Cubana, Havana drum & Take it mint
Again mint! and Havana drum is nice too!

I love the vibe of this collection. I instantly think sun, vacation and surfing and that's a good thing! It looks like good quality too. :)

What do you think?

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