For Queen's Day I made Dutch flag nails and posted a picture of it on my personal Facebook page. A couple minutes later Bart, the boyfriend of one of my best friends called me. "Sweet Renée, could you pleeaase do my nails just like you did yours?" And a couple minutes later my doorbell rang, there they were, my friend and her boyfriend looking for 'Nail Salon Renée'. He happily said: "Am I going to be on your blog now?!" And here he is! Enjoy :)

The pictures were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn't as it should be.

The first coats of polish. He wanted the nails on his right hand to be orange and the ones on his left with the Dutch flag. Your wish, my demand!

He was fascinated by the nail dryer and ofcourse he had to try it. You should've seen the grin on his face!

But he was even more fascinated by how patient we girls have to be to get a good manicure and let it fully dry before we can grab our phone and get on with our life. 

The end result and a happy guy. Task completed!

Have you ever given a guy a look into your beauty-life? What did he think of it? 

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