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So yeah I kind of got addicted to Instagram. I love the vintage photo look you get in two seconds. So a lot of the pictures I made are made with Instagram.

Yesterday I got this on my doormat. I won a funbox with 50 small perfumes from It's a super innovative website where you can fill in a test and according to your personality they select 3 perfumes that match your character. How cool? The perfumes and characters seriously matched my personality so well! I adore perfumes and I love mixing them together to create something original so this is defenitely something for me!

Kelly is one of my best friends and I've known her for a long time. This is her on the left and me going out in a club. I edited this photo with I adore that website because it's like Photoshop for dummies. Unfortunately Picnik will be closing at April 19th. Sad face. But and are equal sites.
My new Jeffrey Campbell Lita knockoffs came in. They walk so easily because of the big platform.

I went to see Hot Chelle Rae in Melkweg in Amsterdam. Tiny as I am I managed to get in front of the stage and drag my friends with me. According to the picture you can see how close we were. Their frontsinger Ryan has such a beautiful tattoo on his chest saying:
Dream with my eyes open
Sleep when I'm dead
Love who my heart's chosen
Conquer what lies ahead

Using the awesome photobooth on a Macbook creates this haha. Vera and I. She so looks like the little girl from Despicable me. 

This is the most original earpircing I've seen so I got the bottom 2 of them .I didn't get 3 because I already have 3 piercings in my earlobe and I don't like them to be symmetric. 

Ego boost haha.
March was the first month with some decent sun to take some pictures and swatch.

I hope you all still like to take a look into my life like this. What have you been up to?
xoxo Renee

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