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Hi :) Ok. I guess that 80% of my salary goes to shopping. Nail polish, other make-up, clothes, SHOES, bags, jewelry. I love them all. No week goes by without adding something to my wishlist.  Have a look. 

First up are the Jeffrey Campbell Lita knockoffs.The real ones cost €180,00 and these cost $35.69 which is around €30,00.

Second is this skull scarf. It's another knockoff but this time from Alexander McQueen. I'm all about the cheap eBay knockoffs these days. Oh well, student on a "budget". I'd rather buy 10 cheaper things than 1 expensive thing. $2,99. Yes man.

Clear iPhone case $3,25. I love the design of my iPhone so why waste it with an ugly case? Sometimes I feel horrified if I see someone walking around with and expensive iPhone and ruining it with a bright green ugly case. I'm planning to glue some silver studs on it to give it a cool look.  Since I couldn't find any studded cases for an iPhone 3. only 4's.

Surprise. an iPhone 4 clear case. I wanted to buy an iPhone 4 and already bought a case since eBay stuff to be delivered can take sooo lon. But then I decided that I wanted to wait for the iPhone 5. Longgg time. I bought this one for only $0,60 so no problem. But yesterday my phone decided to let the left side of my touchscreen stop from working so I might save some money for an iPhone 4(s?) anyways. Expensive baby.. I still haven't received this case and I bought it about a month ago so I don't really trust the seller. and I don't remember it anyways so you might be glad about that.

What I bought last month on the internet:
Devo Shorts. I've been looking for black leather shorts for a while and this was the only decent one I could find. I love e-ve-ry-thing on Take a look if you haven't yet. €49,95

Neema Shoes from Nelly. I wanted black wedges and couldn't decide between leather or suede. So I got both :) They're also nice under a jeans so they don't look like booties. €15,95 in sale.

Cross earrings. I love how subtle they are! €12,95. This is a Dutch webshop by the way.

Transparant asymmetric skirt. I love the black one. I guess I'm afraid of colour haha. $14,95 and $0,99 sending costs 

These are all my H&M wishlist items. I am defenitely going to buy the silver arm cuff. I already have it in gold but it was sold out in store. I adore everything that's called a cuff.
Edit: I just bought all of it except for the set of bracelets, the black jumpsuit and the black shirt. Now I'm almost broke yay!

Ok that's quite a lot. I notice that I'm all about the grungy/tough/rocky look lately, but I still look feminine at all times. I always wear something feminine with it., like a black tight shirt with tights or heels or a nude/salmon top etcvgf. Yes that's how I would describe my style. Feminine with a grungy edge. I'm all about the transparant and lace things too lately. What kind of style do you have?

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