New Essence "Fruity" LE

This April 2012, Essence is coming with the new Fruity trend edition. It's all about different kinds of fruit and it's full of creamy and gentle colours and textures. Let's have a look!

eyeshadow sorbet 01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day... €2,79 I do like the colours but somehow having a "sorbet" on your eyes seems a little weird to me. But I don't wear eyeshadow anyways ;)

fruity lipbalm 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry. €1,99 I'm always interested in lipbalms so I hope they're not too scented. 

blush sorbet 01 smoothie operator. €2,79 Sorbet again. Weird? Or is it just me? But I know it's a mousse texture though.

nail polish 01 banana joe, 02 peach beauty, 03 very cherry, 04 one kiwi a day… and 05 mashed berries. €1,79. How nice. The microglitters make the polishes seem so much like sorbets. and the first one is the exact colour of a banana smoothie!

scented topcoat. 01 smells like strawberry… €1,99. Defenitely worth a try. I don't expect it too smell delicious because it's still nailpolish, but it's interesting!

nail fruits. 01 fruit punch to go. €1,99. I like the name! I don't really use 3D fimo but it's defenitely nice to buy for a small price.

nail-art sealing top coat. 01 stay fruity. €1,99. The Essence sealing topcoats usually do what they say, so nice one. 

As you might've noticed I really like this LE. It's something original if you ask me. Even the polishes worked out well. This time it's not just theme colours but also theme textures and scents. How about you?

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