Sephora Prijzencircus: 3 for €10!

Oh em gee! Here's the most awesome sale for all girls in the Netherlands and it is the only sale where I act like a true bitch to get the products that I want: the Sephora 3 for €10 sale. Eventhough most of my make-up products are from Sephora, I only buy them at these sales because it saves me so much money on a yearly basis of my everyday make-up. I alway haul pretty nicely to get a billion back-ups to have enough until the next sale. I'm almost running out of my precious mascaras so thank you Sephora.

The sale runs from March 21 to April 6. This is only for the make-up, not for bath products, skincare etc.

My receipt from last time. Paid €50 instead of €184,30. Can you believe it?

What I can recommend:


- Lash plumper. it's a mascara that thickens your lashes.Search for the ultra black version. it's a way deeper black

- Le waterproof. It's super waterproof mascara that I always apply after the plumper. It extends my lashes because I always apply more on the tips/ends of my lashes.
- Long Lasting Eyeliner High Precision Brush, is a liquid eyeliner that stays on nicely and is easily removable when it's still a little wet. I still am a dork when it comes to applying a neat line of eyeliner, so this one helps me well.

Jumbo Liner. As the name suggests; it's a big eyeliner that you can also use as an eyeshadow if you wipe it out a little.
Flashy Liner Waterproof is a creamy waterproof eyeliner that has set the record at staying on the "wet line" of my eye. It does go down a little but I guess that's inevitable.

- Nail patches. These are the usual nail foils/stickers so in case you find nice ones, go get them.
Nail Lacquer. Just polish :) I really like the flat, broad and round brush. It easily comes to your cuticles and applies a round edge which I like. If there are normal colours you should better buy them from Essence or Catrice because €3 is still more than those other lovely brands cost. If you find something special, go for it. 

Primers, Foundation and Concealer- Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer is a mattifying primer that I don't yet own but I've heard many good things of.- Concealer Stick with 2 colours. It's creamy and stays one nicely.- I didn't like the liquid foundation because my skin is super dry and it accents the dryness of my skin so I don't like it, neither do I like the powders because they do the same. And yes I do apply creme underneath my foundation. 

Except for lipbalm, I don't really wear any lipstick or gloss so I don't know which ones to recommend. This also goes to the eyeshadows. 
Color Reveal Lip Balm A lip balm that adjusts to your unique pH to create a customized pink shade. I don't know if they have it in Holland but I am interested
Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain. A unique tint for lips and cheeks from Sephora that is formulated with red wine extract. I don't know if they have this one either. I like products that have more options.

- Think about what you want before entering Sephora cause otherwise you'll get crushed between all the people. No I'm just kidding, but it'd be easy to know what you want because there's no time and space to stand in front of a display and think about what you want for 15 minutes.
- Test everything that you can test if you don't know a product.
- Only buy products that are still closed. A lot of people try to open them to test them, just like I do. hihi. 

- You can ask the Sephora people about what skintone you have and if you need the R series for pink (rose) skintones or the other one (B?) for yellow skintones

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