Preview: Catrice Hidden World Collection

Limited Edition “Hidden World” by Catrice lets the boundaries between fantasy and reality fade. Powdery pink shades and earth brown shades with cool shimmer effects create a soft harmony of colours. For a make-up that is tempting, feminine and light. Warm and cold, to pretty to hide…. “Hidden World” is sold from January till half February 2012.
Blush mousse € 3,79

Made to stay eyeshadow soufflés C01 Wood You Follow Me?, C02 Yes, I Wood! en C03 Rosy & Cosy. € 3,49

Liquid metal lip glosses C01 Yes, I Wood!, C02 Walk On Air en C03 Rosy & Cosy. € 3,79

Secret mirror  € 3,29

Ultimate nail lacquer C01 White And Seek, C02 Walk On Air en C03 Wood You Follow Me? € 2,49
Illuminating base €3,99

The theme sounds very interesting but the way it is presented is dull to say the least. nothing about hidden things or myths or something. I might be interested in the mirror or the base.

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