My top 10 of 2011 polishes

I'm so glad to be back, I felt like I HAD to blog on the last day of the year. I just checked and I've only posted 3 times in December, shame on me. I've been so so so busy and ofcourse when you really want to you can make some free time. I've had this scenario for the last month: applying a perfect manicure - "oh it's dark I'll photograph tomorrow" - next day: dark again.. So I really need a proper photo studio. badly. 

I went through all my posts of 2011 and picked my favourite polishes. I defenitely haven't posted all polishes that I bought this year, so I checked my helmer to find some other lovelies too. I really could not make a list from 1 to 10 so the polishes you see are not listed like that.

1. Kiko 270. I'll start of with one of the best. Oh how I loved this one when I saw it in the bottle. I instantly wanted to try it on a billion base colours and it looks so good in a nail polish ring too. I got so many comments on this manicure. I bought this one when I was in Berlin in May. I didn't know they had a Kiko store in Berlin so I went crazy when I saw the reflection of the word KIKO in another shop window. My friend said; "More polish?" Yep haha.

2. Catrice New York from the Big City Life LE. It's one of those colours that suits me perfectly; a greyed out blue "dove" creme. A one coater. 

3. Milani Gold Glitz. This one was released in end 2010 if I remember correctly, but I got it in 2011 so I want it here. We all know this one, a lovely gold glitter one/two coater. I remember wearing this one on my birthday and with Christmas. It's festive but not too eye-catching. 

4. Essence Blue Addicted.  The best Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe dupe I've seen for less than €2,00. I don't have to explain this one right?

5. Catrice Berlin. From the Big City Life LE too. It's not that special but I've been looking for the perfect greyed out dusty pink this whole year and I now own a hundred that are all "meh" but this one is the one :) Thanks Catrice. I've only wore it once, bad me.

6. Studio M - Purple Medaillon. Purple. Holographic. Glitter.

7. Essence Cool & the Gang. This is a dupe of Revlon Royal. Thank you Essence for being the first to sell dupes in the Netherlands of awesome polishes in the rest of the world. 

8. Essence Where is the Party? More dupes! OPI Not Like The Movies?

9. Diamond Cosmetics The Naughty Intern.  I love classy dark reds and this is my favourite one. DC sent it to me to review but I still have no clue how they found out my address :)

10. Essence A Hint of Mint. From the Blossoms etc... LE. I adoooore the periwinkle colour in this collection but I couldn't find it anywhere when I was in Berlin. So anyone? :) I love wearing this with an all black outfit and a leather jacket.

I noticed that I have a lot of glitter, hexagon and festive polishes in my top 10 while I mostly wear more simple colours, I guess these were the ones that really stood out in my blog/helmer.
So what are your favourites? 

I want to thank all of my commenters, followers, readers and blog hoppers for supporting my blog! And I want to wish you all a very very happy new year's eve with lots of loved ones, food, drinks, fun and ofcourse; polish!

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