I've been spending a lot of time on Tumblr lately but I just haven't mentioned that before on my blog. I always see so many nail pictures and I always reblog them on Tumblr. They are not all about fantastic nail-art, but they're just pictures that feature nails. Warning: it's a lot.

 Oh wow.


I just had to end with this one. lol.

My purpuse for my Tumblr is not about being "Tumblr famous" - which is what a lot of Tumblr bloggers want - or anything at all, it is just what comes up in my mind, it's is not nail related at all, it's just what I like or feel like reblogging at that moment. So I'm not asking you to follow me (and with that my mind :P) But for the ones who still want to after this blabla: this is my Tumblr: Life, love and heartbreaks. I chose this name because it's a part of a something that Taylor Swift said at her concert I went to and it inspired me. Tumblr inspires me. 

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