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Hi! My god I'm so busy so life gets in the way of blogging. I have the whole Essence Vampire Love polish collection to show you, I'm reviewing some fauxnad plates, Demak'Up products and Lush Lemony Flutter and I'm working on a how-to. I want to apologize for my sucky iPhone quality pictures :) 

 Nail polish battle field.

Glow Festival in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). All of the center of Eindhoven is decorated with lighting concepts made by national and international design artists. Eindhoven city was full of people for the last couple of weeks. There are some awesome pictures on their website.

Their was a beautiful lighting show on a church. It went from this to baroque patterns and more.

Wednesday I went to a concert of Tyler Ward and Boyce Avenue in Amsterdam with some friends. Tyler Ward is a singer/songwriter and got broke through via Youtube. So did Boyce Avenue. Boyce Avenue was the main act and Tyler was touring with them, but most of the visitors came to see Tyler, so did we :P

A picture Tyler Ward made and posted on his Facebook. We had to tag ourselves, I'm somewhere in the right front.

Alejandro and Daniel from Boyce Avenue

 Daniel again. I wish I could play like him, but my guitar is standing sadly alone in a corner of my bedroom.

Ehibition Fashion loves Art at the museum in Den Haag.

A cool skull lamp and Vivienne Westwood dresses.

The art of hanging some water bags on the wall.

 The "art" of today :P

A friend of mine in front of a wall that gave me a head ache.

My latest addiction. Wordfeud. I'm always trying to beat my friends and family. I'm requ1 in case you want to beat me :P

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