My favourites #3: Cuticle Oil

I'm not yet finished with the My Favourites series. #3 is about my favourite cuticle oil; Sally Girl Cuticle Oil. I once got it as a little extra in a swap from a lovely lady but I don't remember who swapped it with me, but thanks! It's a little bottle with just 5.3 ml / .18 fl.oz but the oil is very thin so you don't need much. 

Sally Beauty: Sally Girl Orange Blossom Cuticle Oil smoothes and conditions cuticles, promoting healthy nails. The oil is infused with orange essence and enriched with jojoba to pamper your cuticles.
  • Fused with orange essence
  • Enriched with jojoba
  • $0,99
The oil smells a little orange/lemony which is logical because of the orange essence, but it's defenitely not an overwhelming smell.

What I do: 
After removing my nail polish to apply another polish I always have a little ritual to apply this oil. Not only to my cuticles but also to my nails. Since nails are made out of the same material as hair - and we all know that oil is good for our hair don't we? - I think that the oil could have a good effect on my nails too. The brush makes it easy to apply the cuticle oil. I always wait for about 5 minutes after applying and then rub the oil into my nails and cuticles. Then I remove it with water and start with my manicure. My nails and cuticles always look way healthier after doing this little treatment and I've been doing it now for about a month and my nails seem stronger and they don't break as easily as they used to. So this defenitely works for me but I don't know if this is the reason for my healtier feeling nails. I also use Lush Lemony Flutter which could make a big difference, but I'll feature that one later! I defenitely give this cuticle oil a big plus!

What's your favourite cuticle oil?

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