Marc Jacobs & NARS - awesome collab!

This is such a fun collaboration! Marc Jacobs and NARS have come up with this awesome set of matching gloves - ofcourse without fingertips to show your nails! - and NARS polish.
This set features black cashmere gloves and the polish NARS Night Clubbing, based on their popular eyeshadow of the same name. It's black with golden microglitter.

The second set features purple cashmere gloves and a limited editon NARS Manosque, which is described as a slated greyed out purple.

Now onto the bad news: Both sets are $52 and these sets will only be sold at Nars 413 Bleecker Street, New York. In case you don't live there but know someone there, you can reservate a set at this number: 646.459.2323.

Hooow awesome?

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