Tutorial: Galaxy Nails

It's time for a tutorial again! I made these galaxy nails and I know that anything Galaxy themed is hot at the moment and that a lot of people are trying to make galaxy nail-art. So here is a tutorial!

Step 1.
Apply a basecoat to prevent staining. I always use Essence nail art protecting basecoat, which works really well for me. I'll feature it in another blogpost on its own later.

Step 2.
Apply a black base, I used MAX Black for it that I blogged about yesterday. It's a good base because it covers in one coat and you're going to use quite a lot of polish so you don't want the base colour to cover in a coat or 3.

Step 3.
Use a sponge to sponge the different colours on your nails. By sponging you won't get a super thick layer of polish but you'll only get the glitter on your nails. I used a Konad sponge. 

Step 4.
Get the sponge and start with a glitter colour. Get some polish on the sponge by tapping on the sponge with your polish brush. Then sponge it on to your nails by gently pushing the sponge on the placers you want. I used Essence Hello Holo. Above is the result after this step.

Step 5.
Repeat step 4 with the colours you like. Just create something nice! You can just do it like you feel is best.

Step 6.
Clean up the excess polish around your cuticles in case you were a little too exciting with the sponging.

Step 7.
Apply a topcoat to get a smooth and shiny mani.

Step 8.
Take another look at your nails and smile!

I don't know if I'm totally satisfied with my outcome because I couldn't find a green glitter and I might've used too much glitter when I should've used smaller glitter like the background of my picture. Looking at other galaxy manicures I think the ones that feature only 3 colours or show more black look better. But I still feel it looks like a galaxy and that's what I went for. The first thing my boyfriend said was: "Hey, your nails look like a galaxy!" If even he notices it, it must mean that my mission is accomplished!

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