SOS with OPI! - Autumn Prepared in 5 steps

It's Autumn! Cold and wet weather influences the condition of our hands. They have to go through a lot in these days, so why don't we care about them as much as we should? 

Just like your skin and hair, your nails need extra care to look good and healthy. Your hands easily go dry and rough in rainy days. Things like splits and bursted cuticles are typical for this time of the year. SOS! OPI has the ideal products in this step-by-step plan to keep your hands and nails in top condition this Autumn. I am going to review the first 2 products and the others will be explained too.

Step 1. OPI Liquid Soap
The first step to healty hands and nails is cleaning. The OPI Liquid Soap provides deep cleansing and softens your hands. The soap has OPI's Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex, vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it. Which keeps your skin nourished and hydrated. The soap can be used several times a day. Tip: this liquid cleanser is also good as a soak for a spa manicure. €11,95 - 240 ml.

Liquid Soap Sample. 

Here is the soap on my hand. It foams a little when you rub your hands together. It smells like normal basic soap and it's not overwhelming at all. It provides smooth hands and my hands felt really clean afterwards.

Step 2. OPI Avoplex Revitalizing Hand & Body Scrub
Scrub your hands and body with a silky soft scrub for an optimal fresh skin. The result: a younger looking and shining skin in this dreary season. The scrub removes dead skin cells with small natural sugar crystal particles and provides a deap nourishment through the use of avodaco oil and botanic extracts. A powerful  mix of again, OPI's Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex, nourishing jojoba oil and grape pip improve the elasticity of the skin. OPI advises to scrub your hands 2 to 3 times a week. By doing this, other products can get into your skin more easily because the dead skin cells are removed. Let your hands shine again! €14,95 - 120 ml.

Revitalizing Hand Scrub Sample.

Here is the scrub. It has a soft pink look and it doens't feel too harsh. My hands are very sensitive and the scrub didn't make me feel like my skin got ripped off so that's a good thing. You can see and feel the sugar crystals. It leaves a smooth feeling and a greasy layer but it doens't bother me.

Step 3. OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment
That's a mouthful! Your hands always show so they deserve a bit of attention. Take care of your hands with a treatment that softens your Autumn ailments. The Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment is an effective treatment for dry, rough or painful cuticles and makes sure that dried and hard skin on your cuticle disappear. The effective fruit acids and plant extracts nourish the cuticles, which stimulates their recovery. Massage your cuticles with this treatment 3 times a week and let absorb in for 3 minutes. Then remove it with a nail whipe or a cotton pad and massage your cuticles with the Avoplex Replenishing Oil in step 4. The treatment makes your cuticles soft and flexible. €16,50 - 30 ml.

Step 4. OPI Avoplex Replenishing Oil 
It's a cuticle oil based on avocado extracts. The oil can be used daily and even more times a day to let your nails and cuticles recover. The Avoplex Replenishing Oil absorbs really well and it has a soft and pleasant smell. The oil applies easily because of the brush in the bottle. The oil can also be used if you wear fake nails. It's also available in a to-go version. €18,95 - 15 ml / €10,95 - 7,5 ml.

Step 5. OPI Avoplex Hi-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream
Wow the names get longer every step! Autumn weather like rain and wind makes your hands go dry. This intensive and caring cream in a handy tube provides optimal care for 'Autumn hands'. It nourishes hands and nails and fixes the elasticity. Tip: Repeat using it for a flexible skin, softer and younger looking hands and more flexible nails. €12,95 - 50 ml.

So, if you follow these steps your promised to have a great skin and even better cuticles and nails. I love a lot of OPI products and the ones I tested did what they had to do so I believe them. But ofcourse you don't have to do all these steps and you don't have to use these exact products. You should see them as examples of what you can use. The products are quite expensive too and I'm a person that likes to keep it cheap but the cheaper products have to work well too. For example Essence has some great nail care products. I will always stick to Lush Lemony Flutter as a cuticle cream whatever OPI says.

I hope this was useful for you!

*The products used in this post were provided to me for review. This hasn't influenced my opinion at all. More information is in the Disclosure part in the About page. 

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