Press Release - Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas

Let the show begin! Standing ovations for the spectacular shows, seductive showgirls, exciting pin-up costumes - open the curtains for the new limited edition "Welcome to Las Vegas" by Catrice. With this make-up, inspired by Burlesque, pure glamour and grand divas, each woman is the absolute star of the night. From half November to end December 2011 you can wear expressie eye make-up in dramatic dark shades and an elegant gloss on your lips, nails and face. Open the doors to a world full of luxury - this city will cast a spell on you. Welcome to Las Vegas!

Duo Lipgloss 
C01 Lovely Sinner, C02 Welcome to Glitz And Glamour 
C03 Let Me Seduce You. € 3,99

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro
C01 Curtain Up! € 4,49

Liquid Liner
C01 Drama Queen. € 3,79

Lashes for Show Down. €3,99.

Transparant Fixing Powder 
C10 Fairy Dust. € 3,99

Shimmering Powder. €4,99 
(I've never seen anything that "expensive" from Catrice haha).

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
C01 Lovely Sinner, C02 Alluring Night,
 C03 Star Of The Show and C04 Drama Queen. € 2,49

I love the blue and black polish and the red one seems interesting too. I like that Catrice is coming with original things in their collections like the shimmering powder. I like the theme but it could've been more Burlesque for my taste.

What do you think?

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