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I recently started making nail polish rings. The price is €7,50 excluding sending costs, but only this month they're €5! So be quick!

Paying is with Paypal, but if you don’t have Paypal I’ll make an exception and you can pay by bank transfer. For discussing this, contact me.

Shipping costs:

1 ring
2 rings
More rings
The Netherlands
Depends on the amount you want
Other countries
Prices are in € but Paypal automatically converts € to $ or I can convert it myself in case you don’t have paypal and want to pay by bank transfer. I also count a little extra for the bubble envelopes, business cards and work, that’s why the prices are round ;)

Ring choices:
You can look at my Nailpolish collection
 to see which polishes I have and can use for the ring. I have over 300 polishes, so there's much to choose from!.

- Send me an email at with the subject “nail polish ring”
- Tell me what you want in your ring
- Your address and country

I recently started selling nail polish rings.

Here are some of the ones I made:

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