My Sephora 3 for €10 haul

The Sephora 3 products for €10 sale ended last Sunday and I hauled very well. Just like last year it was chaos around the couple Sephora displays. But with my size and courage it wasn't too hard to slide myself through the people. (When it comes to sale it's everyone for theirselves if you ask me haha).

This is what I bought: mostly a lot of mascaras since their quality is fantastic, some concealer sticks, liquid and non-liquid eyeliners and only two polishes since I want to slow down in boosting up my nail polish bulk. I have over 300 polishes now! (shame on me.)

The receipt. As you can see I would usually pay €184,00 and now I paid €50,00. Which is a discount of €134,30! Ofcourse I didn't really save that much money, but if you keep in mind that I only use Sephora products for my daily make-up and that this is what I use in a year (or more) I did save a lot.

Don't we love sale?

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