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I have so many pictures, but I do nothing with them and that's a shame. So why not share them here?
When I was swatching a rainbow showed up between the rain.

I went to the Inside Design event arranged with Elle Decoration and I took quite a lot of photos of the exhibition Materia which is about new materials. I instantly got nail polish associations with some materials.

Material at Materia

Sephora's Moody Model came to my mind because of the material above.

 Broken iPhone screen. Luckily my phone still works!

This should defenitely be a polish.

Pig rings at Materia. I would never wear them but they're cute.

Taking a picture of myself in a "mirror" that changes colour depending on which angle you look at it. On my Demak'Up post I got a reaction from a follower that she'd never seen my face before on my blog but only my nails. I do have a picture of myself on my About page, but I don't want to be "The anonymous blogger" at all. So here's another one :)

Some awesome glitter things.

Again. Nail polish. My manicure matched with it. Milani Gold Glitz.

Concrete and something.I just love to make macro photos haha.


Essence Irreplaceable, chipped, so not worth posting on it's own.

Awesome houses near the water at Amsterdam. Look at the wooden one! I'd buy it. If I was a millionaire ;)

My cute dog in the sun with her nose in the grass, her favourite hobby.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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