My favourites #1: Black Polish

Everytime I need a black base for a mani or a polish ring I use this one. It's also a polish that I always put in as an extra in a swap. MAX Black is an awesome polish from the Dutch drugstore Action. They have a very cheap make-up brand called MAX whichs sells polishes for only €0,45 for 7ml! This one here is a one-coater. Yes, a one-coater for €0,45. It shines quite well and this is without a topcoat. Ofcourse it chips a little earlier than brands like OPI, but what can you say if you need to pay less than half of a Euro? The bottle says "MAX nails" with "long lasting" underneath it, but since the font is black and the polish is too there's not much left to see. Google it in case your curious.

So I'd say: If you're reading this and you're Dutch, go to Action right now. It's worth trying right?

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