My favourite perfume

A scent is something that can do a lot. Ofcourse a perfume makes you smell better, but it can also make you feel good or sexy and it can remind you of good times. It can even give you a headache, so yes, a perfume can do a lot. Some people love to wear different scents every time and others use the same scent for years. I love perfumes and I feel like I miss something when I don't wear a perfume. I especially love fresh, fruity and floral ones. I can easily get a headache when I smell a heavy perfume and when I'm wearing a heavy perfume to test it it's all I can think of all day untill it fades. I wear different perfumes but I always come back to this one. Escada Pacific Paradise. As you can see I have all sizes, that shows my love. 

I love how the shadow of the bottle is blue! Escada launches a summer edition perfume every year. Their summer scents are mostly quite young and sweet smelling perfumes so they mostly attract teenage girls. I don't always like them either, but this one, I love. Pacific Paradise was launched in 2006 and since it's a Summer edition it's quite hard to get now. On Ebay they ask a lot of money for this one so I came with a creative solution. I searched for all bad reviews on this perfume on MakeUpAlley. Most of them reviewed it around 2006 so I was hoping for reactions. I sent all the "bad reviewers" a message with that I had seen that they hated this perfume and that I would love to have it. Some of the haters still had this "stinky perfume" so were happy to get rid of it for a small price. Yay for me!

Lush, sensual, and full of fun, it's a beach party for the senses. As exhilarating as dancing in the waves and as enticing as bikini days and balmy nights. A joyful place that warms the soul and liberates the senses, letting you bask in a felling of freedom and fun, passion and magic. A fruity-citrus-floral fragrance that beats with the heart and soul of a tropical paradise.

The notes include kaffir lime, dried victoria apple, coconut sorbet, physalis fruit, sugar candy, banana flower, Hawaiian salt blossom, sandalwood, powdery musk, and amber crystals.

It smells sweet because of the dried victoria apple, the pysalis fruit and the coconut sorbet, but not too sweet. It's still fresh because of the kaffir lime and floral because of the banana flower and Hawaiian salt blossom. After a while the sweet scents fade a little and the sandalwood, powdery musk and amber crystals do their justice.

What it means to me: When I smell this perfume I get a warm and good feeling and it reminds me of good times. In 2006 I ran out of my first bottle and I couldn't find one again. About a year later I smelled it again and it felt so good. I smelled "the old times." It even reminds me of my boyfriend because he loves it too and always wants me to wear it because I wore it when he first met me. How sweet.

What is your favourite perfume? I'm still looking for a perfume that's fresh, fruity and floral or a bit like this but smells more mature because I'd like something less young. Any recommendations?

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