My favourites #2: Basecoat

Yes, this is my all-time favourite base coat. The Essence nail art protecting base coat is a base that dries really fast and dries a little matte which I like. I've tried about a billion basecoats, from expensive to cheap. I liked some and I hated some, most of them did what they had to do, but I've never found a basecoat that really prevented staining. I've read a lot of reviews on "holy grail basecoats" and I ordered Nail Tek which seems to be awesome but never found its way to my home because of a fake Ebay seller. My nails went from looking healthy and natural to yellow, green and even blue from all the staining. But now I've found this honey, which does prevent staining!

I've been trying this one for about 2 months. The bottle looks weird and I don't know what happened to it but it used to look like the bottle on the right. Maybe it touched some nail polish remover? It seems like the glue has dried and turned a little brownish. I also heard a lot about the Essence sealing top coat that should be awesome so I'm dying to use that one too.

The bottle is white which I don't like cause I'm not able to see how much I've used already. So I scraped a bit off with some scissors, like Nihrida did too. Thanks for the tip! I've been using this base coat for about 4 months now and I've only used this since the polish is very thin.

What's your holy grail basecoat?

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