Fall in love & a pink pinky

October - Breast cancer awareness month - is almost ending and I can't end this month without doing a pink pinky. I was messing around with Photoshop when I reminded myself of the need of a pink pinky, so I photoshopped my pinky pink. Does my pink pinky look real? How many times can you say pink and pinky in the same sentance? Pink pink pinky pink

The bows you see reflected on my nails are reflections of my camera lens. You can even see my had in it if you look closely. That's what a good topcoat does! Thanks Diamont. I almost forgot, but this is H&M Fall in love, a lovely fall colour. I'm all for playing with words today :P Anyways, I love off colours as I've already mentioned for a billion times. It's not a bright red, but not a cherry either and it looks a little brown in some lights too. Let's call it an "old red."

Did you do anything for breast cancer awareness this month?

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