Demak'Up Beautyblogger Press event

Last week I went to the Demak'Up Beautyblogger Press Event in Supperclub in Amsterdam that I got invited for. After the click you'll see a bunch of pictures and a video of my day.

As you can see there were a lot of young beautybloggers all busy with their cameras and phones to let their followers know what was going on here on twitter.

On the beautiful couches/beds with the pink lighting behind it were little tables with Demak'Up products and mirrors that we needed to use later.

The smoothiebar had a very fun menu with Demak'Up related smoothie names. It was quite dark so I had to use flash.


Lieke van Lexmond - every Dutch person knows her, she's an actrice playing in the very well known soap GTST in the Netherlands - was the host of the press event. She introduced the new liquid product line and told us the program of the day. She's even nicer than she seems on tv.

One of the Demak'Up girls that handed out the new product sets. They were dressed in style with a cotton pad on their head.

 2 of the 3 new products.

We all got the task to remove our make-up with the new liquid products. Hello, we're beautybloggers! For some of us this was a hard thing to do.

Everyone busy with removing.

But after that there were professional make-up artists there to do our make-up. But ofcourse we didn't get dramatic eye looks. No, we had to look like we were wearing no make-up, ofcourse, it's Demak'Up!

I don't even follow her show, but eventhough I thought It'd be nice to take a picture with Lieke. Look how pale I am next to her! Snow white is nothing next to me.

My beautyshot :) No make-up right?

A video of the venue, the bloggers, the photoshoot and the make-up artists.

One of the girls won a year full of free Demak'Up products and we got a goodiebag at the end of the event.
I will review the 3 new products later. I had an awesome day and I met a lot of new bloggers and bloggers that I knew from the internet and now in real-life. It was so funny to hear some girls say "Hey you're Renee from You nailed it!" when I didn't know them haha.

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