Colour changing lipgloss

First of all, I got a photography class in school so I changed a lot of my camera settings, then I changed them all back to how they are good for making blog pictures, but something went wrong and the quality of these pictures are so bad. But I've found out what went wrong so my next blog photos will be better.

This is 01 Muse Marilyn from the Essence Whoom! Booom!! LE. There is another of those colour changing lipglosses and they're now in the core collection. It costs €1,99.

It's blue when it comes out of the tube and when it gets warm it turns pink. As you can see the lipgloss is blue on the white paper and pink on the tube, where it touched my warm lips. (sounds sensual haha). The smell is a little overwhelming and too sweet for my taste.

On the top is the blue lipgloss that is just applied and on the bottom it's turned pink because I wiped it out.

Here it is applied on my lips. It only makes my lips a little more pink. It also appears to be a lipstain so the colour will stay after the gloss has faded.

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