Catrice Big City Life LE - New York

First of all: Happy Halloween! I didn't really have the time to make a Halloween manicure but I think you're glad to see something different between all the pumpkins, spiders and bloody nails. Here we don't really celebrate Halloween as crazy as the Americans do, although I think I'd like it. The doorbell did just ring and when I opened the door there were two cute little boys saying "Je snoep of je leven of een oude onderbroek geven!" which means trick or treat or give your old underpants. My first thought was to run upstairs to get an old undie somewhere but I couldn't do that to them so I obediently gave them some candy and wished them a good night.

This is New York from the Catrice Big City Life limited edition. The bottle itself deserved a picture if you ask me.

This colour was described as a dove-grey and I don't really know how to describe it. It's a blue-ish grey and  it looks grey when there's not much daylight.

This is actually a colour that I didn't own yet or don't have dupes of which is quite a rare thing considering the size of my stash. It really suits me! I liked the other colours too and they were pretty rare too, except for the yellow one with the microglitter. I just don't like yellow.

I'll show you Berlin later!

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