Tutorial: Water Decals

A while ago I showed you these rose water decals and you were all excited to see a tutorial on how to apply them. This post is picture heavy, so I'll explain everything step by step after the click.

What you need:
A towel in case you spill
A glass of water
A Tweezer
The decals
A nail file
(And I kinda forgot to photograph a nail-art brush)

 1. Apply a layer of basecoat. This will make the decals stick better to your nails.

2. Cut a decal into the size of your nail. The decals may look to wide for your nails but they have to bend over the whole surface so don't cut them too small.

3. Try if the decal fits.

4. Grab the tweezer to hold the decal in the water for about 10 seconds. This will soften the decal.

5. Take the decal out. Now that it's wet it's easy to take the decal of the paper that it was on.

6. Put the decal on your nails. It will dry quickly which makes it stick to the nail.

7. Grab a nail-art brush to flatten the "wrinkles" in the decal. Be quick cause like I said when it's dry it's impossible to reshape them.

8. Apply a topcoat. You don't  necessarily have to do this but it softens the decals again which makes it easier for me to cut the decal as close to your nail as possible.

 9. Cut the decal.

10. File the decal. Make sure that the decal doens't stick out in front of the nail cause it will go of quicker.

11. Apply another layer of topcoat. Now you're sure it will stay for a while!

Oh my god, what a super-micro photo can do. They look so much worse than they did on my nails. I have no clue what happened this time, because this is the best picture I was able to make of these decals. It seems like I applied them super sloppy but I did the same things as I did last time and that result was way better.

Better right?

These decals come from the webshop KKcenterHK. I noticed that there are a couple patterns that look exactly like the Viva la Nails nail art wraps, but I don't know if they own the patterns or something.

I hope this was useful!

* The product used in this post was provided to me for review,  this hasn't influenced my opinion at all. For more information see my disclosure page.

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