China Glaze Atlantis + polish ring

China Glaze Atlantis is one of my favourite CG polishes. I love teal and glitter so it's a good match. It looks more sheer in the pictures cause in real life I couldn't see VNL. This is two coats if I remember correctly.

Somehow I didn't manage to shoot decent pictures of this beauty and last time I did. This picture doens't do the polish justice.

But this one does! I made it earlier when I blogged about this ring I got from Ginger Kitty Designs. She makes awesome things so check her out!

I ordered more ring bases to make rings myself and I've got some crazy combinations that I want to do. I'm thinking about giving them away or so.

Oh and tonight I'm going to a Ladies Night which is arranged once a month by Pathé, one of the biggest movie theater companies in the Netherlands. You get a goodie bag with a lot of cool things in it like magazines and food and make-up samples. The movie Friends with Benefits is playing tonight and I think it will be so much fun, duh Justin Timberlake is in it. Have a nice day!

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