My word on blogstealing

I just like to clear something up. When I opened my mailbox today, I found quite a lot of crappy comments about me stealing pictures from Sasha that owns the blog Nihrida. Boy I was surprised. Then I saw that she also made a blogpost explaining her anger. I read her post and all the mad comments there and I understood her disappointment. The thing is, I had no clue that I was wrong.

A couple days ago I saw her post about the upcoming Essence products. Since I always get all Essence press emails and I even get passwords from Essence to log in to their site to get bigger pictures and information about the products, the first thing I thought was “Oh I must’ve missed that email.” And as a blogger I love to be the first to show a new collection or a product, so I copied her pictures, edited them and put my font under it that I always use thinking that they were normal press pictures like Essence always sends bloggers. What I did forget: to give her credit. If you’ve visited my blog more than once, you probably know that I make all pictures myself and if they’re not mine, I credit the person that spent time making them. As much as I hate it, I put watermarks on my pictures to prevent people from stealing my pictures, because that has happened to me too and not just once.

She also put a comment on my post asking me to credit her. Since I’m quite busy lately I saw that comment too late and she had already blogged about it. Then I read in her post that she got the pictures from the Essence website, edited and cropped them herself and gave Essence credit for it, so yes, I could definitely understand what she was feeling.

I contacted Sasha and explained my side of the story. I immediately credited her in my blogpost and told her that I was willing to take my post down if she wanted me to. After hearing what I had to say, she wasn’t mad anymore, she had experienced this earlier and felt needed to blog about it. She told me that she didn’t want to take my post down and that she understood my side. I really really understand her disappointment because it has happened to me too and luckily she understands me too, so we’re all good now. (:

So please don’t steal from other people, not in real life, but neither on the web. I’m a person that hates stealing so I never thought that I would be on the other side and that I would be called a thief, a jerk and that I should be ashamed of myself (and so on). Seriously, how stupid are you to steal from a well-known blog? People will find out anyway, so take your own time to make something yourself instead of taking someone else’s things, but if you do, cre-ditttt them!

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