Catrice "Bohemia" Collection - Limited Edition Preview

First of all, I'm going crazy trying to post reviews of some awesome things I got and I also want to host a give away, but I lost the USB-cable of my camera and I totally don't know where to find it, so there's no way to get my pictures on my laptop, which sucks quite a lot, because I have a lot to show you guys! So this is why I haven't posted that much. But what I can do, is post a preview of a new Limited Edition.

"Exciting patterns, colour combinations and shapes; an interaction of warm orange, brown and shades of red with the outstanding contrast of deep cobalt blue. The ethnic influences are everywhere on the international runways, so Catrice created a modern-ethnic look for the warm end of summer. The Limited Edition “Bohemia” by Catrice translates the hip new bohemian style from the international fashion cities to here and now."

See more of this new collection after the click!

Absolute Eye Colour Mono C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle, C02 Yes, You Tan!, C03 Bring me Terra Copper!, C04 – Be Indiglow! € 2,79  

Loose Powder Eyeliner C01 Be Indiglow!, C02 Nap In The Shade. € 3,49

Lip gloss. C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle, C02 Yes, You Tan!, C03 Bring me Terra Copper!, C04 – Looking Sunkissed. € 3,79

Definition Bronzer. €3,99

Ultimate Nail Lacquer C01 Yes, You Tan, C02 Bring me Terra Copper!, C03 Looking Sunkissed, C04 Be Indiglow! € 2,49

This limited edition will be in stores in October and November 2011.
I personally adore all of the nail polishes because I just love warm colours and bohemian style.What do you think about it?

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