I shouldn't be sorry for my lack of posting because it's my blog that I should have fun blogging on, but I'm super busy with work even though it's school vacation and I can't find the time to blog really. I do feel sorry for you my readers because I don't like to disappoint you when you visit my blog again and again without any new posts. So I'm sorry :) And on to the good news: I'm going to Spain for about 2 weeks so I'll be back then and I plan on doing a give away with some nice things because my stash is growing and growing. :)

This is a from the vault - unphotoshopped and unwatermarked- picture of Rival de Loop #67 that a reader asked for. (You can really see the top layer of my nail missing on a couple fingers especially my index finger. my nails are so dead. blehh)  I hope you like this polish though! It's one of those new greyed sea colours that I adore and I think I'll wear it a lot.

Untill next time and have a good week!
Renee, You Nailed It!

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