Deep in her eyes + Some awards I got

I got a top 10 award from Just some nails by MJ and Girly-Addictions.  I also got a Sunshine award from Fee's blog. I've already been tagged with that award a couple times, but this time it had other questions so I'll just answer them anyway. Thanks girls!

Answer the questions and tag 10 people

Favourite colour: On my nails it would be red, because I just love how sexy, feminin etc it looks, but I also love blue and purples. And most of my clothes are black because it matches with every other colour and occasion and it really suits my skin colour. 

Favourite animal: My dog Pino, she's the cutest. And I love dolphins and cats too.

Favourite number: 23. No idea why, maybe because it's the day after my birthday?

Which perfume do you wear a lot? De-fe-ni-te-ly Escada Pacific Paradise, which is a summer edition from a couple years ago. I ran out of it a while ago so I emailed every MUA member that made a bad review about it (smart right?:P) to ask if they still had this perfume they didn't like and I bought a big bottle for only 17 euro's including shipping costs :) It smells so summery, but not too childish. My boyfriend adores it too luckily. 

Something that you always wear and really suits you: Just make a guess! Nail polish! I also wear a lot of high heels, rings and scarves. 

What is your passion? See the past question ;)

Giving or getting presents? I love making people happy with a present, but getting one isn't too bad either.

What is the last eyeshadow you used? I barely wear eyeshadows because my eyes are very sensitive, so the last one is the last one I reviewed from T.LeClerc.

Favourite day of the week: That must be Saturday (evening). I have to work all day, but at night I always go clubbing with my friends. That's what I look forward to for almost the whole week.

Are you wearing nail polish right now? Is there a time I'm not? :P I'm wearing Studio M Purple Medaillon which is awwwwwesome! I'll show a swatch of it later.

I tag you all :) I know I'm lazy but this is to thank my followers.

list your top 10 cosmetics and that 10 people

Wow 10 cosmetics is going to be hard since I don't use that many different cosmetics, but I'll try to name 10 without naming polish brands.
1. Sephora lash plumper in ultra black for suuuure :)
2. EOS Lipbalm in vanilla
3. Maybelline dream matte mouse. I never cover my whole face in foundation because I like to keep things natural and to focus on my eyes (that's why I use a billion layers of mascara) and only use foundation to cover up some things.
4. Vaseline natural pocket size for lips
5. Lush Lemony Flutter
6. Demak'Up make-up remover wipes.
7. Labello Hydro Care. I used to almost eat these things, that''s how many times I applied this one. But my lips started to get used to them so any Labello doens't really work for a long time for me anymore.
8. L'occitane hand creme in lavender/lemon.
9. Ok. I don't know anymore, so it's going to be polish: Seche Vite natural basecoat, which isn't the basecoat they usually sell, but another nail treatment which is just named Natural and I can't find it in webshops anymore.
10. Nubar Diamont. Love this topcoat.

And what is a nailblog without nails in a post?
This is quite a crappy picture from the vault with chipped polish on my pinky. But I love the colour a lot. It's Sephora deep in her eyes. 

Thanks for reading :)

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