Catrice Modern Muse Collection - (not so) Limited Edition

The new LE Modern Muse by Catrice which will be realeased for August and September 2011, interprets the legendary style icons from the 60's in a totally new way. The eyes - femininm and glamourous - with metallic effects in brown, bronze and gold, are accentuated with expressive eyeliner. The lips - soft and voluptuous. The nails - elegant, with a metallic shine - to finish your whole look. This limited edtion won't be that limited, because these products are going to be added to the standard assortment in Autumn 2011.

Click to see the press pictures!

First up are the long lasting eyeshadows in C40 Lord Of The Blings, C50 Metall Of Honor, C60 Jennifer’s Gold Rush. € 3,49

Precision eye pencils in C60 Khakitoo, C70 I Wood If I Could, C80 Wildthing. € 2,29

The Evolution to Revolution mascara for €4,49. This sounds very interesting! Rimmel already has this and it's called Glam'Eyes Day2Night. It sounds super cool but the trick is that you can get 2 different amounts of mascara on your brush. Look 1 gives a subtle volume for a natural look and Look 2 gives an "intense volume" for a more outgoing look for at night. I really like the idea of this and I might try it, though I don't know yet because my eyes are so sensitive and not used to budget-mascara. But doens't everyone want to have big "intense" lashes? At least I do, so why create a mascara that gives a "less sexy" look? Ok. I understand that people don't like clumps in their mascara, that might be the thing ;)

Colour infusion long lasting lip stain in C10 Holly Wood en C50 Red & The City. € 3,99

On to my favourites: the nail polishes in in C560 Rusty But Sexy, C650 Goldfinger, C460 In The Bronx, C680 Khaki Perry en C620 Captain’s Sparrow Boat.€ 2,49 Is it just me who noticed that In The Bronx is already in the shelves? Just google it and you'll get swatches.

Over all I love that the autum colours are coming back because I'm not a summer person. I love some sun,  vacation and corals and stuff but I prefer autumn. I like how this LE is going in the standard collection, I'd love them to do that with more LE's. Catrice take notes here! ;) 

So what do you think?

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