Essence 50's girls reloaded- July 2011 LE

Welcome on board! essence sets sail on a journey back in time to the 50’s this summer! with the new trend edition “50’s girls reloaded”, essence invites you on a voyage to the retro-past this july 2011. intensive blue shades and bright red combined with soft gold hues ensure plenty of maritime flair this summer. these fabulous products take you back to the days of handsome sailors, petticoats and rock n’ roll with their beautiful retro-packaging and 50’s design. one thing is for sure: whether you’re about to sail the high seas or enjoy a tour of the harbor – this trendy product collection promises to put you in the mood for summer!

Eyeshadow..The new duo eyeshadows promise perfect style on deck. three expressive color combinations are sure to set the stage for your eye make-up with their creamy texture and make the hearts of marine-girls beat a little faster. available in 01 i’m a marine girl, 02 you’re a heartbreaker and 03 come on board captain. 

Eyeshadow brush. Just as a sailor belongs to his boat, this eyeshadow brush belongs to the new eyeshadows. the practical duo brush with two applicator-ends allows a particularly accurate and smooth application for the ultimate 50’s style! apply your eyeshadow with the larger brush and then use the smaller end to shade and blend the colors. 

Eye pencil. Sailor girls beware! it’s time to extend the telescope and keep your eye out for mr. right! because you’ll truly make his heart melt with the new eye pencil for beautiful eyes… available in 01 you’re a heartbreaker, 02 i’m a marine girl and 03 love me tender. 

Translucent loose powder. Full speed ahead! the transparent loose powder is suitable for all skin types and gives your skin a radiant, matt complexion! its special texture practically melts in with the shade of your skin and sets your make-up. this way, your 50’s style is sure to withstand even the strongest storm! available in 01 ahoy!

Lipstick. Kissable lips ahoy! whether you’re waving from the commando bridge or strolling along the harbor promenade – bright and beautiful lips are a part of every true 50’s look. the creamy 50’s girls reloaded lipsticks have an extremely strong coverage and ensure a stylish appearance wherever you go! available in 01 back to the 50’s and 02 i’m sailing.

Nail Polish. Port is red, starboard is blue – and the 50’s girls reloaded nail polishes? they are an absolute must-have for all mariner girls who want to be the captain! with their long-lasting formula and the most gorgeous effects, these nail polishes are sure to cause a sensation on board! so go for it! hoist the anchor and polish your nails! available in 01 ahoy!, 02 back to the 50’s, 03 i’m a marine girl, 04 love me tender.

This LE will be sold in July.

I think the polishes are cute, but nothing special. Some of them look a bit like jellies, but we all know how the Essence presspics are right? I don't love it, but it's cute.

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