Review: Wearable Nail Soakers

Today I'm reviewing the wearable nail soakers from Born Pretty Store. These soakers come in a set of 10 and are acetone resistant.

As you can see, you can take a part off, which makes it easy to pour cuticle oil, nail whitener, nail polish remover etc. in the soaker without spilling. Make sure to put the pink part on firmly, cause otherwise the stuff you're using can drip out.

I used nail polish remover cause I was about to remove my mani, which is P2 Drama for the ones who are interested :) Though my fingers are very small, they stayed on nicely and nothing dripped out. I think these things will work well for removing glitter polish, but you really need to treat your nails with cuticle cream after doing this because it makes them extremely dry.

+ You can move around while treating your nails
+ They stay on quite well
+ They don't cost that much

- You need to use a lot to fill the whole soaker so by doing this you can run out of your remover/cream/oil  very quickly.
- They're quite big so you still can't do anything you want with them.

The nail soakers cost $6,72 and shipping is free. For a discount of 10% you can use the code YNI10K31. I think I can see myself wearing these with cuticle oil when I'm watching a movie or something, then the popcorn has to wait ;)

Would you like to try these?


  1. mmh... don't know if I will use that. But good to know! ;)

  2. Uv Tanning bed protection? That is weird. you would get tan lines, and your nail is that last place you need uv protection! Probably best for the lotion treatments.

  3. @Camille. Yes it's a bit weird so I only use it for other things :P


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