Review: Demak'Up Beautyblogger Press Kit (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my review of the Demak'Up Beautyblogger Press Kit. There were so many products and things to say that I needed to make two posts. Click here for part 1. Today I'm reviewing the cotton pads and wipes that already include tonic, cleaning milk etc. I always use wipes that already have cleansing products in it, so I was glad to find out how they work!

These wipes come in a set of 25, are waterproof and made for a dry or sensitive skin (yay for me!) They contain cleansing milk and can be used for eye and facial make-up.

This is the size of the wipes, it's almost the exact size of normal tissues. You can see why it looks like this below. These wipes have a neutral scent, it's a bit like milk and they feel very soft. They don't irritate my eyes and they don't leave a greasy or oily skin after cleaning so that's a big plus! You can see a comparison of how well all the removers work below.

Just like the ones above, these wipes come in a set of 25 and have the same size. These contain cleansing lotion and tonic and that's the reason why they feel really fresh. They smell neutral, but fresher than the ones with cleansing milk. These wipes make me love taking off my make-up even more after a long day. My face feels fresh after using this and it doens't leave a greasy skin either, perfect! I've always used wipes like this, but after using these ones I don't want to go back! Compared to these it feels like I'm rubbing my face with sandpaper when Im using my old ones. (I know, I like to exaggerate) But I am a student on a budget, so I have to think about what I want now. I'm running out of these already!

These cotton pads contain make-up remover, it doens't really say what it is exactly, but it's a lotion. This comes with 30 pads. They should have ingredients that work against dark and tired looking skin under your eyes. I haven't tried them that much to prove it and I barely have it myself either, so I don't know if it really works. '

These pads are tested by oculists, so I guess they should be save. Don't you always want to know the results of the tests all the make-up brands do? :P

This is how the pads look. The top has little lines and the bottom has a smooth surface. I always feel like the lines are made to take of the last bits of make-up. There's a reason why I never use pads like this.They always leave your skin to feel super oily and I just hate it. So I was hoping for these pads to prove me wrong. Just like the others, they feel really soft and taking off make-up works well. No red or irritated skin, good.  Another plus is that, how unlikely, these pads are way thicker than other pads like this, which keeps them from falling apart or needing to use a billion pads to remove your make-up. With this one I only needed one pad for two eyes. But unfortunately these kind of pads just can't work for me. They always leave an oily layer on my skin and it drives me crazy when the skin around my eyes feels like that. These pads are a no-go for me, but just because of the way your skin feels afterwards.  If you do like to use pads like these, then I can recommend them to you, they do prove that they're very good for people with sensitive skin.

Now, the comparison! I've put all kinds of make-up on my arm, I used Sephora mascara, a dot of waterproof Sephora mascara, Hema waterproof eyeliner, Hema eyeliner, Sinful Colors purple eyeshadow, Sephora foundation and some red lipstick. I guess that this is all you need for a full make-up look.  I repeated this 2 times, because there are 3 removers to put to the test!

I put the pads/wipes on mu skin for 15 seconds and wiped it off softly. This is the result. Nothing really went away, so there's need to rub a bit. The foundation and eyeshadow did go away quite well, but the waterproof make-up stayed on quite nicely.

This is how my arm looks after rubbing a bit. I'm used to rub my eyes when I'm cleaning, so I didn't mind. If you look closely, there's still a bit of mascara and lipstick left.

Over all:
I'm pleasently surprised by the new Demak'Up products! The cotton pads I tested in Part 1 work really well and they feel super soft, especially the Sensitive Silk ones. I like how they have their cotton pads in different sizes, so you can choose whatever you like. I'm really surprised by the cleansing wipes and I'm really thinking about buying the blue package with tonic again. They feel so nice and fresh!

Demak'Up waterproof make-up wipes with cleansingmilk: €3,79
Demak'Up make-up wipes with cleansinglotion and tonic: €3,79
Demak'Up make-up cotton pads with lotion: €3,99

Tip: store your wipes upside down, this makes the oil/lotion to go down and to go into the first pad you use instead of to sink to the bottom leaving your pads dry.  

These products were provided to me for review. This hasn't influenced my opinion at all. For more information see my Disclosure page.

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