Review: Demak'Up Beautyblogger Press Kit (Part 1)

Demak'Up is a brand that offers facial care products. They have renewed their product line and I'm one of the 100 Dutch beautybloggers that got a chance to test them. Demak'Up improved their line by creating products with the new "Cotton Science." Demak'Up Cotton Science makes its products using the moisturizing, soothing and nourishing properties of the cotton plant. Besides this, cotton extracts inflammatory, calming and healing effects. The shell of a cotton seed contains oil with rich antioxidants that are anti-aging.

I have very sensitive eyes - my eyes are inflamed for about 4 months every year, but I keep on trying to wear eye contacts when I can,  I know I'm vain :P - so it's very nice to know that these products are made for sensitive eyes and have soothing and inflammatory effects.

This is the presskit when it's open. It looks like a make-up box with the cute little mirror. Here are all the products I got to test. I tested these products for about 2 weeks to know I'm sure about what I think of them.

First up are the Sensitive Silk cotton pads. These pads contain Aloe Vera and silk protein. The pack of big pads contains 45 pads and the one with small pads contains 60 pads. 

Here you can see the big and small one. The small one almost fist twice in the big one. I've never used cotton pads as big as this one, but I kinda liked it. It makes it easier to remove my whole mani with one pad. 

This is the structure of the cotton pad, it really feels super soft so it's good to use for sensitive eyes. For the ones who are wondering, I'm wearing Astra 141. 

 Next are the Duo+ cotton pads, which ofcourse are made with another technique.  

This pad has a diamond pattern and is rougher than the Sensitive Silk one and contains honeycomb structure and cotton thread. The other side of the cotton pad is exactly the same as the Sensitive Silk cotton pad. 

 Here's a better picture of the structure. 

As you can see the Duo+ pads are much thinner and firmer than the Sensitive Silk cotton pads, making them much less likely to fall apart. From my opinion, I can recommend people with sensitive eyes to use the Sensitive Silk pads, but they do fall apart more easily, so if you need to rub your nails etc. I'd use the Duo + ones.

- Cotton pads small Duo + with honeycomb structure = € 2.99
- Cotton pads big Duo + with honeycomb structure = € 2.39
- Cotton pads small Sensitive silk = € 1.85
- Cotton pads big Sensitive silk = € 2.29

Over all I really like the products and the new Cotton Science technique, but you pay for it as well. I can think of a lot of cotton pads that are cheaper, but if your eyes are as sensitive as mine are, you might think about using the Sensitive Silk ones.

These products were provided to me for review. This hasn't influenced my opinion at all. For more information see my Disclosure page.

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