Preview: Essie Escape with Color Collection (Summer 2011)

The summer of 2011 stands for sexy and bold colors. Combine your inner sense of style with the seductive beauty of Brazil. This vibrant country is the ideal setting for a wonderful series of six bright and sparkling shades. Bold pink and deep orange brings you back to Paradise. 

"When the temperature rises, I embrace the heat as a perfect excuse to play with fiery colors," says Essie Weingarten, Essie's color guru. "Summer colors should pop and be at their seductive best."

Dream away by azure waters and pristine beaches. A ticket is not needed, the summer colors from Essie take you on a trip to tropical destinations. It is time for relaxation, so sit back and relax because here in Brazil, tudo bem.


too too hot

meet me at sunset

super bossa nova

absolutely shore

smooth sailing

Essie's tips for the holiday No. 1 
Protect your skin and the color of your nails. Many activities take place in the sun, and the nails can dry out and get a yellow glow. Avoid these seasonal symptoms by one or two top coats of Essie Non-yellowing Top Coat Sun Block. This prevents oxidation and drying of the nail polish. Apply a coat of Shine-e Polish Refresher every other day to maintain a more beautiful color throughout the holidays. 

Essie's tips for the holiday No. 2 
Barefoot on the beach? Not without proper preparation. Prevent dry skin and dry cuticles by following these steps your feet will be beach ready in no time. Start with exfoliation of the feet. Use a rubble stone or rough sponge. Then apply Blank Slate Pre-Manicure Nail Mask on each toe. This softens, hydrates and protects your nails in just a few minutes. Moisturize cuticles with Smooth-Trick Deep Conditioning Cuticle Oil. Wrap your feet with a cold towel. This allows the oils do their work best and it is also refreshing. Dry your feet after 5 to 10 minutes and place a layer of nail Feed Me Intense Hydration Treatment on on each foot. 

Essie Escape with Color Collection Summer 2011 is available from June 2011.
Retail price: € 13, - per bottle (15ml)

Wow, it's been a long time since I've liked all colors of a press release! I hope they'll be like this in real life too.

What do you think of this collection?

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