Preview: Catrice Out of Space Collection

From June to July 2011 Catrice is coming with the Limited Edition "Out of Space." It's a collection with star-metallic effects and spherical forms with gold and silver shades of a galaxy of opportunities for extraordinary looks.

Baked eyeshadow planets. C01 Super Nova Skywalker, C02 Back To Pandora, C03 Next Stop: Neptune, Staurn C04 and C05-Day Night Fever Venus vs. Mars. €3,49 

 Gel eyeliner. C01 Empire Behind The Sun, C02 and C03 Houston's Favorite Silver's shuttle. €3,99

 Eyeliner brush. €2,49

Make-up Base. €3,99

 Effect lipstick. C01 Discover Purple, C02 My Milkyway Pluto. €3,99

 Ultimate Nail Lacquer. C01 My Milkyway, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Scotty Beam Me! and C04 Moonlight Express. €2,49

This collection looks very promising to me. If the real colours are like the presspics - which barely ever happens - I'll give the polishes a try. The baked eyeshadows look really nice too but I never use eyeshadow because of how sensitive my eyes are. 

What are your thoughts on this LE?

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